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Our company established in a city named Kahramanmaras, which is wellknown and famous for textile business

  We export Turkish originated textile products to worldwide markets with safety storage and convenient logistic services 

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with 15 Years of Experience

Our competitive prices and variety quality of textile products are supplied due to needs of customer.

On the way to perfecting our service, we have 15 years of foreign trade and production experience in 4 different sectors, with the opportunity to communicate in 5 different languages, and offices offering storage and direct service in 6 different countries (Morocco, Peru, Serbia, Belarus, Russia, Turkey)

We deliver optimum quality of products to our customers with fast lead time.

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Our Principles
Our Mission

Due to developments on technology and internet platforms, it is becoming harder and more complicated to create real supply chains based on transparency and trust with the right products and manufacturers.

At this point, as HFT TEKSTIL, we create a supply chain that is based on trust and fidelity.

We reduce costs with competitive prices and relieves companies with fast delivery solutions.

We offer variety of products and quality due to your requirements by the power of wide supply chain and experience.

our Vision

To establish more innovative, safer and more efficient commercial relations by going beyond traditional methods in international trade.

In this context by empowering our energy to improve innovative perspective constantly.

To contribute to our country reaching more markets in the field of textile, to increase branding by achieving real customer's satisfaction, and to the development of added value products.

Our Values

Ø  Trust

Ø  Fidelity

Ø  Customer Satisfaction

Ø  Employee Loyalty

Ø  Leadership

Ø  Sustainability

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